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About us

At the Desert of Sultanate of Oman

Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman
The beauty of Wahibah sands or as known know sharqyah sands partly located south Al sharqyah. One of those places are located in Jaalan Bani bu Hassan, just of Al kamel city in the village of Falaj Al Mashaikh. There you can discover one of the most beautiful views and scape you have ever seen or witnessed in the desert. We are the 1st environment project of its kind that take the name of the Palm as its part of the Omani culture and the well known gold in the old golden days of Oman as dates are very linked to the Omani personal, at the golden Palm we are bringing the Palm dates tree back in the desert which is an honor to the village Falaj Al Mashaikh- south sharqyah as they are known for the palm date tree.

Welcome to the golden Palm oasis

On the way to the Golden Palm Oasis passing by the village of falaj Al Mashaikh you will be stunned driving through Al gaff tree also by the greenery that is very important feeds for the camels and goats which is lively around the drive through the desert.

You can discover many breathtaking moments by the nature, for example the sunrise, sunset the very fine sand, the dunes and the amazing desert breathe and the silent of the desert.

This desert camp give you an opportunity to discover the nature of the desert. The location is in the middle of the desert the rooms take the look of the Palm trees leafs as looked by Google eye beard all rooms and suites have a balcony and traditional decorated items also equipped with flat screen tv and mini bar refrigerator, not to forget the traditional typical bedywan Arabian touches on fabrics.

On welcoming we offer a traditional Omani hospitality that contains of Omani dates and Omani coffee and fruits.

Our activities depends on the type of discovery is asked by our guest:-
1- dune safari & sun set
2- desert tracking
3- camel rides
4- camping in house
5- desert discovery guide 3 nights to a week by camels or 4 wheel
6- sunset watch
7- discover Jaalan
8- sunrise watch
9- dune slide
10- stars watching
11- swimming pool in the desert – on construction.

We are located in the middle of the desert and geographically known as the Sand Pool one of the largest underground water reserved in Oman.

Many attractions that can be discovered as on location. The dunes offers a great moments of
sunset. Coming back to the palm there is a fire setup to enjoy the evening with some tee, and traditional Omani sweets, and last but not least the oriental arabic dinner which you can be enjoyed outdoors on the view of sands and palm trees in this peaceful atmosphere.

Discover your self with who you love in the desert of Oman an experience of relaxing and lay back holidays and that is also a reason why the golden Palm oasis honored by highest rate 9.7 out of 10.

We grow as the palm grows.

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